Fish = great dinner!!

There are many healthy options for dinner. I am an extremely picky eater so sometimes it  can be hard to have a variety of meals for dinner. As I was growing up, fish was never an appealing choice for dinner. However this changed when one day I promised a friend of mine that I would try it.

There are many different ways you can cook fish. I have tried salmon and halibut so far and absolutely love them! There are many nutritional values to eating fish. One major one is it is a very lean choice to take for dinner. Fish is very low in fat which in my opinion is always a good choice. More importantly, fish tends to be low in saturated fat as well. In addition, it is very high in protein which is good for your body. Now when I cook my fish, I do not like to cook it in a lot of seasoning and sauces because then you take the chance of adding more unhealthy things to your dinner. I really like to cook it in freshly squeezed lemon juice. It is a wonderful way to add a little something extra to the fish.

I am not someone who can eat fish by itself. I have tried eating rice pilaf on the side but do not like consuming all of the carbohydrates and fat that are in the rice. So I found, the caesar salad recipe, that was in my previous blog, is a wonderful side to go with fish. This meal is a lot of work to cook since everything, including the caesar dressing, is made from scratch. I have found however, it is definitely worth it. I can always tell by how my body reacts to a meal if it was healthy or not. After I eat fish and salad I feel light and not too stuffed with food. It is a wonderful meal.

If fish does not sound appealing to you I still encourage you to try it! I am an extremely picky eater and enjoy this meal, however I still will not eat sushi. There are many different ways to cook fish. I encourage you to try different recipes and to not be defeated if you find one you do not like. Keep going!

What are some fish recipes you enjoy? I would love to hear them!


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