Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is commonly known as “Black Friday”. This is a day where shoppers start gathering their holiday presents and business put good deals out to try to attract customers to their store over another store.

Now, I do love shopping, especially holiday shopping, but in my mind there is something more important to start my Black Friday. Every year, I start my black Friday off with a workout. Thanksgiving food tends to be filling and many people tend to eat more on Thanksgiving than they normally eat. It is important to stay on your workout schedule and not get off track because that could ultimately lead to many days of not going to the gym or doing some sort of workout.

I always say my workout does not need to be the most grueling and hardest workout I have ever done. I think getting out and moving around will start your day off on the right foot. Even if you are a shopper who loves going to the stores when the mall opens at 4 o’clock in the morning, walking from store to store could be the way to start your workout. After getting home from those early shopping hours, a small run or bike ride or even a power walk will finish your workout off.

No matter what your original workout schedule is, it is important to not take time to continue this schedule. Many people think the holidays are time to ignore all the progress you have made, but I see them as times to get ahead and make you a stronger person as you push through them. There are many post-Thanksgiving workouts you can find on the Internet just by using a search engine.

What do you like to do for post-Thanksgiving workouts?

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