Eating Out

It is a common thought that in order to eat healthy, you must eat at home. Many people believe that eating out is extremely unhealthy. I do think making your food at home is always the number one choice because you can see what is going into you food but on the other hand I think sometimes we have no choice.

For me, it is difficult to eat at home always. Being a member of the swimming and diving team requires a lot of travel. Sometimes, when we are just gone for the day, I like to pack lunches and bring snacks with me to eat rather than eating out. But other times, the trip is extremely fast paced or longer than a day, which makes it difficult to bring food. In addition, I do enjoy eating out sometimes as well.

A common place we tend to eat a lot when traveling is Subway. We all are familiar with Jared from the Subway commercials. Subway is known for serving “healthier” food. However, they also promote their $5.00 foot long which is a HUGE sandwich. Many times though the toppings you add on top of the sandwiches can be killer. I am a very picky eater which causes me to only get meat and bread when I eat there. When eating, I usually tend to get the $5.00 foot long. I eat half or even a fourth of the sandwich and save the rest for dinner. In addition, I try to sub chips for apple pieces they now offer. This can save you a lot of fat and extra calories that you do not need to be consuming.

On the last travel meet we went to, our coaches had Panera delivered to the pool for dinner. This is also a wonderful choice. Their food is delicious, its easy because they deliver, and it is usually quick. However, they serve A LOT of carbohydrates. There is always a healthier choice. Today I ordered a basic salad with chicken on top. I put the dressing on the side to make sure I was not adding to many calories. In addition, they gave me a small slice of bread which was wonderful because it satisfied my carb intake.

Many times, we order our food ahead of time so the team does not need to boggle down the restaurant with all of our orders. This gives me time to look online to see exactly how healthy I am being. Many websites have the nutritional information in an easy spot to access. Panera even has a nutrition calculator so you know exactly what you are consuming (hyperlinks above). Eating out is not the healthiest choice, but if you do have to eat out, there are ways to make sure you are still keeping your healthy habits up so you can keep improving your healthy lifestyle!

What do you do when you are out to make sure you are eating healthy?

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  1. Subway is awesome because they have a lot of lists around where you are ordering that help show how many calories you will choose with every topping you allow on your sandwich. Panera bread is delicious as well! It’s too bad we don’t have one in reno!

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