Operation Beautiful

I have discussed before how influencing the people around you is important to a healthy lifestyle. If someone is having a bad day you might be the person that turns that around with one nice gesture. In return, when you are having a bad day there might be one person who makes it better. That person might be someone you are close to or even sometimes, a complete stranger.

The other day I was Googling blogs about healthy living when I came across one website that really caught my eye. This website was called “Operation Beautiful“. After reading up on it I discovered it is a website that has the intention of trying to build people’s self esteem. Their slogan is, “transforming the way you see yourself, one post it note at a time”. The way they are trying to make a difference is by having people write on post its, encouraging notes that will make someones day better. These post its are left in public, usually in bathrooms, for others to read. There are a wide variety of notes posted, from simple ones that comment on how beautiful you are, to ones that encourage success.

Once these notes are posted, pictures are taken of these notes and uploaded to the Operation Beautiful website. On the website you can find thousands of pictures from all over the country and world of inspiring notes people have left. After reading this website, it clicked. I have seen these around the university I attend. They are always in the bathrooms and every time I see them they make me smile and want to do the same for others. It had dawned on me that people around you can really boost your self esteem and influence your life. They can make your life a healthier one with just one small note on a post it.

I have found that self esteem is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle. You cannot truly be confident in who you are unless you have high self esteem. In addition, by leaving small notes that are meant to benefit the people around you, you improve your life as well and make it healthier. You cannot write something to benefit others unless you believe it as well. This website made a huge difference in my day when I read it. The next day I found myself leaving post its for others to enjoy. It is a really neat idea. If you have some post its, leave a message. Improve your life as well as others. Start living your healthy life TODAY!

Please check this website out, it’s wonderful.

What do you think, have you ever participated in “operation beautiful”?

Photo Credits: http://www.operationbeautiful.com


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