Push Yourself

This week I have talked about body image in the mirror and exercising. As said before, body image is a crucial part of ones life. Although we all don’t like to see it, we tend to be concerned with how we look in public and find small flaws that no one else notices. In addition, I discusses the challenges of working out. Working out is and important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but can include many different challenges that can we can easily overcome if we approach them correctly.

Eating right and working out is an extremely important part of living a healthy lifestyle.  I cannot stress that point enough. However it is not just the physical demands that go into exercising. There are many mental demands as well. If you do not think you can push yourself through an intense workout, you probably will not end up doing it. Believing in yourself is crucial whether it is believing you can push yourself through a work out, or eating right, or making decisions that will help you live your life. If you do not believe you can do things, you will be defeated before you even start.

For this blog, I am going to use working out as an example. When I work out I find myself in lots of pain. There are so many temptations such as stopping the pain, leaving the gym, or even the fact no one will get mad, that I have to resist when working out. I have found that when I overcome these temptations I am more pleased with myself, I know I made the right choice, and my choices in the future are influenced in a positive way as well. In this experience I have been going through, trying to change my life so it is as healthy in every way possible, I have found believing in yourself is important. When you believe in yourself you will tend to make more choices that will have a positive influence on your life. You will be more pleased and happy with the life you live which will make it extremely healthy.

What do you think? Does positivity and pushing yourself help you live a healthy lifestyle?

Check out my blog next week! I will be focusing on healthy recipes I have found and love to make!

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