With the holiday season upon us, there are many people who love this time of year and others who do not look forward to this time of year. Between October, when Halloween is, and January, when New Years is, there are many holidays that are celebrated. Many people see this as a time to spend with their families and friends, which is wonderful.

On the other hand, there are many people who are stuck out in the cold not as fortunate as others. I find myself donating canned food, clothes, and other things to charities such as Goodwill. I have found that this is a wonderful way to develop your healthy lifestyle more. It is nice to know you are making a difference in others lives, as I have said before.

There are many different ways you can help others during the holidays to try to make their experiences better than expected. Many people assume this means donating money to families in need. Although this could be helpful, there are other ways that are just as valuable as money. Personally, I have gone and volunteered at charity that gives food out to the homeless. I have also participated in clothing drives as well as canned food drives. In the many times I have helped make others experiences better, I have experienced nothing but gratitude from the people I am helping. The adults are usually so grateful you are taking time to help them and the children get extremely excited.

Everyone always talks about a thing called “holiday cheer”. There is much talk about joy and peace especially in December and January. I have found that when I have volunteered I not only am helping other people but they help me. They show me and remind me what the holidays are really about and make me feel so good about making the decision to help out. This ties into the way I live my life and the type of lifestyle I am living. I really think it makes the life you are living a healthy one.


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