Team Bonding

Being a part of a swimming and diving team, or any team in general, there are a lot of people you have to be around on a daily basis. Being around these people can be very stressful sometimes and really great the other times.

Combining these two very different sports can be hard. They are extremely different and many times you either do one or the other, not both. There tends to be a lack of communication between the swimmers and divers which can cause tension sometimes. Today at practice, our team was very surprised when the swimmers got in for warm up and the divers came to join us. It was a nice surprise and a great way to bond to help them with their swimming. We played a halloween racing game together and it was a lot of fun. After we were done, the swimmers decided to get up on the springboards to try to dive. It was very interesting which in turn created many memories we will never forget.

This got me thinking, many times people do not understand where others are coming from but think they can comment or judge people and their actions. Today I learned this was not true. Us swimmers constantly underestimate the divers on our team. They are extremely hard working and amazing athletes! In return, they did not realize what we went through in a practice and got a little taste of that today. It is important in your life to try and not judge the people around you. You cannot fully understand what they are going through unless you are in their shoes. I believe that if you try to not judge people, your life will be more relaxed and you will be happier in general. I know from now on I will try to make a point of understanding before I comment on others actions.  What experiences have you had when bonding with a team?


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