Coming Together

Last week I blogged about the people I have around me that contribute to my healthy lifestyle. I also talked about how we act towards the people in our community. I do believe that positive behavior can be spread from person to person.

Although this is a bit off topic from the purpose of my blog, I wanted to write a little about the natural disaster that took place and the aftermath people are dealing with now. There are many storms and natural disasters that cannot be prevented. It is devastating knowing that so many people’s homes and living areas can be destroyed and there is nothing they can do to help it. I believe in a situation like this, it is more important than ever to come together as a community, state, country, and a whole to fix the damage that occurred. There are many people who will be donating money, flying over to help clean areas up, going to help friends and family, and many many people who will just be praying for the best to come as quick as possible.

In my opinion, what ever you can contribute to the efforts is beneficial. This will help move the problem in the right direction. In addition, building off my blog called “community” being supportive of the people around you and the people experiencing the aftermath is a must. I was happy to hear that all the people I know are safe and doing well. However, there are many people who are struggling through this time. So saying this, anything you can do will make a difference. As said before, the littlest bit helps, even if it is sending positive thoughts that way. This is a time more than ever to put differences aside and come together as one.

In addition, it is situations like this that make people, communities, states, and countries stronger than ever. Getting through this will make people and their lives stronger than ever. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of hurricane Sandy.

Photo Credits: Google Images


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