Recently I have been very aware of my surroundings trying to figure out what helps people live healthy lifestyles and what hurts their lifestyle. One thing I have become very aware of is how people act towards people they do not know in public. It is very easy to be annoyed or irritated with people around you especially in bigger crowds. Different people have different morals and values which makes each person unique in their own way. However, I believe no matter what your morals are it is always necessary to be nice to the people around you.

The other day I was in line at a sandwich shop. The line was quite long as this is a very popular place during lunch time. There was an older lady in front of me in line. When you reached the front of the line it split into two lines for the different stations where sandwiches were being made. This made the process quicker and more efficient. It was the popular thing to do wait until the next available employee was ready to help you. When we got to the front of the line the woman in front of me was waiting to be called. Once the employee called her she did not hear the employee and the employee motioned to me that he could help me seeing that she was unable to hear. It was even more tempting seeing that I had been waiting in line for quite some time. Although, walking past this woman and cutting in line because she was not looking up would have been extremely easy, I decided to follow my morals. I tapped her on the shoulder and let he know they were ready to take her order. She was amazed at my actions and was so appreciative of the decision I made. She must have thanked me five times within the two minutes we stood next to each other ordering our food.

This situation got me thinking. There are many times in public where people around me are struggling and I try to help them. Some of them drop something they were carrying and I pick it up, others forget to take their change and I catch them to let them know. I believe that by influencing the people around you with nice actions we can make for a better community. In turn it will make you a better person. When I help someone and they vocalize how appreciative they are of me, it drives me to act this way more often. It increases my confidence in the person I am and the decisions I am making. I know it has a huge impact on the lifestyle I live as well. What do you experience when being nice to the people around you?


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