A little R and R

To end my week I decided to get a facial. Many know that going to a spa can be extremely relaxing and make you forget all your worries, temporarily of course. I made an appointment at a little local spa called Lime Spa. They refer to it as an urban sanctuary. The thing I love about this place is they always remember who you are and really make you feel welcome and at home. You do not feel like another “client” in their busy day. When they are working with you it is about you and your experience, not what is going on around you.

Immediately when you get there, you are asked to wait in waiting room and asked if you want anything to drink. There are little snacks available for you to eat if you choose. After that, your feet are treated to a nice foot bath to start the relaxation process. You may choose to read magazines, just relax, or talk with people around you. It is my favorite to go with people I know, it can be a wonderful way to catch up on each other’s busy schedules and events taking place you may be unaware of. When it is time, you are called into a dim lit room and asked to lay on a table. This is when the facial begins. The mood lighting, relaxing scents, and low volume acoustics establish an environment nearly impossible to recreate at home. There are many different types of facials for you to choose from, all depending on the situation of your skin and stress level. Lime Spa makes it very hard for you to think about something other than relaxing.

In my opinion, I think everyone deserves a relaxing trip to a spa occasionally. I would recommend searching for a spa similar to Lime Spa. It is in everyone’s best interest to take time to yourself once a week whether it is taking your dog to the dog park, shopping, attending a spa, or something else. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle and this is certainly a very important part in living a healthy life!!!!

What do you think??


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