Dogs are man’s best friend…

This week seemed like a wonderful time to take some time for me. Coming up on a weekend when I have nothing to do, I thought this would be appropriate seeing that I do not know when this opportunity will present itself again. Everyone has different hobbies that they enjoy doing on their free time. Some may like working out, shopping, or in my case it is taking my puppy Peyton to the dog park. Peyton is a chocolate lab approaching his first birthday on the 19th of this month. He is smart, loving, and LOVES the dog park.

Going to the dog park is not a quick task when taking Peyton. The minute you say the words “dog park” Peyton’s ears perk up and he becomes curious. It gets even worse when he hears the sound of the car keys. When he hears this noise, he immediately runs to the front door and sits down because we do not let him out of the house before he sits and we tell him it is okay to go out. Once in the car, he calms down and lays in the back until we enter the park. When we are about 100 yards away from the entrance of the dog park he starts wagging his tail and whimpering. He cannot wait until he is able to get out of the car. As soon as he is out of the car he runs to a little creek right in front of the park goes for a little dip and runs into the park. He sits and waits for us to throw the ball with the “chuck it”. If it were up to him he would stay at the park for hours.

Bring Peyton to the park to play with other dogs is so fun. He is always so loving and so it is fun when you get to see him excited. It is also relaxing because when you are there you are so focused on what is going on around you that you forget about all the other things you have to do.

What do you do with your pets to spend time with them?


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