Being sore is not fun!

When working out, I have found some days are more difficult than others in terms or wanting to complete a work out. Towards the end of this week I have found myself exhausted. I have not had difficulty making it through the work out, my body is just telling me to take a break and is extremely sore! This is a problem because Saturday I have to get up on the diving blocks and race for my team. I have been trying to think of ways to get past the soreness especially in my shoulders. I researched ways to make the tightness go away and found some awesome solutions! I found three that have been working amazing for me!

First, stay active! I know that when I am sore all I want to do is sit and not move but this is not the case. This article said if you are sore keep moving. For example, if you are sore in the legs, go for a long walk. Seeing this I have been stretching my shoulders like crazy.  In addition, I have been doing lots of arm circles to keep them moving.

Second, use epsom salt. Many people use this in a bath but I used a different route. I took a rag, soaked it in a warm water and epsom salt mix and put it on my shoulders. This has always been a good solution to breaking down sore muscles.

Third, alternate heat and ice treatments. I read you always want to start on the ice treatment and use the heat twice as long as you do the ice. Another way of doing this when I am out and about is by using Icy Hot or Biofreeze. This is also a wonderful solution to any reoccurring problem areas or injuries.

There are many more solutions I have yet to try or do not think would be a good solution to my situation. However they are wonderful to read about!

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