Working out is more than getting in shape!!

This week I had my first test of the semester! There was lots of studying taking place earlier this week to make sure I did well on the test. As many of you know, along with a test comes a lot of stress which can make everything else in your life seem less important at the time. Who would have thought working out was a wonderful way to relieve stress?

Being on the women’s swimming and diving team, we work out more than I can explain. There is nothing less appealing than giving up hours of sleep to get up and work out. You would think, waking up at 5:30am, with your eyes barely open, to drive and jump in a freezing cold pool is not the best way to start off your morning. Especially when you have to go back a couple hours later for a second work out. This is what I thought until this week. I have found that a wonderful way to clear your mind is by working out. For some reason or another, I found myself more relaxed than ever when studying for this test.

This brought me to the conclusion that working out is a NECESSITY when trying to live a healthy, balanced life. The reasons are not only because it is good for your heart and body but because it is a wonderful way to take time and do something that is strictly for YOU. This schedule, waking up at 5:30 every day, for 6am practice, going to school and going back for a second two-hour practice, is far from new to me. This is my 17th year as a competitive swimmer. However, there are some things I made sure I focused on this week to see how it affected my day. I would like to pass these suggestions on to you.

First, get to bed at a reasonable time. I usually try to be in bed by 9:30 at the latest. Sure this does not always happen so if I find myself getting to bed later than 9:30pm I make it a goal to complete all my tasks by 9pm to make sure I am in bed on time.

Second, eat a little something before you go work out. I usually try to have a small apple or some carrots. This always helps me wake up a little.

Third, after practice I eat a small something. I am not a big breakfast eater but I have found that not eating after such an extensive workout makes me tired.

Fourth, stick with it. At first getting your sleep schedule set is hard but if you stick with it your body adjusts.

As my school year continues and I continue to blog about my trials and errors of living a healthy lifestyle I will try to pass along more of my suggestions. For right now these are all my suggestions.

I would like to know, what have you found helps when working out early in the morning?

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