A Small Afterthought…

After creating the “to-do” list I decided to try this week, I have found myself more productive. There were many reasons why this was a wonderful way to go when trying to organize myself. Although there were many pros to this technique there were some small cons as well.

As I said in my previous blog, this was a very stressful week for me, school wise. I had two presentations on Tuesday and multiple papers due. In addition, I have started preparing for a test I have next week. By creating a to-do list, for myself, with boxes next to each item to check off when completed I have found myself more productive. I enjoyed the aspect of checking off the items. I found a sense of security and happiness knowing and visually seeing I was being productive and completing things. For anyone who likes the sense of accomplishment, I would recommend this tactic.

The positives for this tactic definitely out weighed the negatives. There were just some small negatives. The to-do list got quite messy when I would add things to it. I decided to organize it by each of my classes which did not leave very much room to expand the list as things came up. I have decided next time I will try to organize it differently. All in all I think I am on the right track to keeping my school work organized in order to be the most successful student I can be. Now I can end my week with a nice Train concert!

What do you to to keep track of all the things you need to do?


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