School Work

Many students find themselves stressed out from week to week. This is due to the overwhelming amount of work that needs to be completed in order to be considered a “successful college student”.

This week I am finding myself more stressed than usual. I have two presentations and multiple papers due. In addition, there is regular homework and studying that needs to be done. I constantly find myself struggling to keep track of everything that needs to be done. I have found that planners get extremely messy for me. I enjoy crossing things off when they are completed resulting in a very messy unorganized planner that is hard to read. Since it is hard to read, there is a possibility an assignment will not be completed.

This week I had the idea to write down a list which is organized by class. I have high hopes this will eliminate some stress in my days by knowing exactly what I need to do and when. Under each class I have everything I need to do this week for that class, with the exception of the meeting time. Next to each item, there is an empty block which can be checked off when completed. The list consists of presentations and the day they are due, test dates, study sessions, homework that needs to be completed. In addition there is an “other” section which has all my personal appointments and obligations. I feel as though this will be a successful way to keep track of schoolwork and to make sure all the necessities are getting done.  Well find out in a couple days if this approach works well!


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