Hello World!

Recently after starting school and swimming I have found myself more stressed and overwhelmed than usual. I feel as though I have more work than normal in my classes and in addition, I attend swimming practice daily. This got me thinking, what do I need to do to prepare and organize myself so I can be the most successful student-athlete possible.

When I sat down and started thinking, my ideas included: eating healthier, keeping on top of my school work, taking time for me, and still enjoying the smaller pleasures in life such as, being with friends and family. In the first month of school I have noticed a change in my diet. Many college students eat meals that are easy and quick to cook such as pasta. I found myself falling into this trap. The reason for the change in my diet was due to a large amount of school work. I needed to find a successful way to keep track of my school work so I could submit everything on time. Lastly, I needed to find time for smaller pleasures such as: going to the lake with friends, having dinner with family, and taking my dog to the park.

I believe many people can relate to the situation I am in whether they are in school or have a career. I will be blogging about my experiences and what works for me and what doesn’t. I hope to inspire others to figure out what works for them so they can be successful. I would like to see my ideas passed along to help others.



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